On August 21, the United States witnessed its first total solar eclipse in nearly forty years.

Ray-Ban used this cosmic phenomenon as a platform to launch its new topical suncare line, Eclipse.

Launch Event Teaser Video

Ray-Ban Wayfarer style eclipse viewing glasses "Eclipticles."

The Eclipse sun-care line: SPF 25 lip balm, SPF 45 sunscreen and SPF 30 hairspray.

Packaging copy

Ray-Ban, best known for sunglasses since 1937.


Eyes are only the beginning. Introducing Eclipse SPF 45 sunscreen.


Effortless. Non-greasy. Clear-drying. Undetectable by your adoring public.


 Keeping your look forever iconic.


Protect your cool with Eclipse skin-care.


Art Directors: Ashley Bozeman, Brittany Johnson, Kathrine Stewart

Copywriter: Mike Harrell

Student Award Show Bronze