On August 21, the United States witnessed its first total solar eclipse in nearly forty years.

Ray-Ban used this cosmic phenomenon to launch its new suncare line, Eclipse.

Launch Event Teaser Video

Wayfarer style "Eclipticles."

SPF 25 lip balm, SPF 45 sunscreen and SPF 30 hairspray.

Packaging copy

Ray-Ban, best known for sunglasses since 1937.


Eyes are only the beginning. Introducing Eclipse SPF 45 sunscreen.


Effortless. Non-greasy. Clear-drying. Undetectable by your adoring public.


 Keeping your look forever iconic.


Protect your cool with Eclipse skin-care.


Art Directors: Ashley Bozeman, Brittany Johnson, Kathrine Stewart

Copywriter: Mike Harrell

Student Award Show Bronze